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Enrich your trip with Genie Phone
Try our Hotel smart phone concierge service which provides free international callsand data, list of fine restaurants, tour sites information and so on, while your stay in Novotel Ambassador Seoul Dongdaemun.
  1. See hotel promotion
  2. Qualified restaurants
  3. Find ways to hotel
  4. Room control(Light, Temperature, TV)
  5. Major tourist sites recommendation
  6. Free international calls
  1. Portable Wifi(Hotspot) - setting > hotspot > on
  2. Tax refund
  3. Korea tour card

001 Free International Call

Press 001 and call your family and friends back home or abroad.

Available countries : Limited to 22 countries

U.S.A.(Inc. Alaska, Hawaii), Guam, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Mongolia, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Japan, Australia, U.K., India, Germany, Norway, Spain, Saipan, Austria, Denmark, Bulgaria

Room Control (also available with QR code)

Control the room environment your way.

  • Lightings, temperature, TV channel, and even request amenities with it!

Fine restaurants nearby

Visit qualified fine restaurants nearby.

  • Within 3min. of walking distance from hotel
  • Popular ones amongst Koreans

Tour sites information

Dongdaemun Gate is South Korea’s National Treasure No.1. It is a prominent landmark in central Seoul, where you can explore historical aspects of Korea. Try to find other tour sites and visit.

  • Searching Hotel nearby, my location surroundings, specific place

Mobile Tax Refund

You don’t have to wait in long queue at the airport. Just do it easily and conveniently with Genie Phone, anywhere, anytime.

  • Tax refund, shopping info, coupons

Mobile Korea Tour Card (For foreigner use only)

Easy pay of all public transportations fare with T-money App.

  • Can charge with foreign issued credit card
  • Cash charge available in convenience stores, subway stations

* Pre-payment register needed for transportation payment


Reservation Contact

Thank you for your interest in Genie Phone, a new way of hotel service. Please fill in information below.

02-3425-8000Novotel Ambassador Dongdaemun